GET English global English school

About the school

The schools were founded in partnership with a global player in the international education market - the creator of TOEFL tests, the international company ETS Global (USA). Each school has the status of a Test Center administering TOEFL Junior and Primary, international tests specially designed for children.

Our advantages:

- Measurable learning outcomes

- Unbiased evaluation of the results

- Accurate results

- Comprehensive and individual programs based on independent assessment

- Confirmed results (international certificate is required for each course, including the 3-month course)

- Leading educational programs developed in accordance with international standards that are ahead of the Russian school curriculum

- Educational programs that are innovative for the Russian education, study guides and methodological approaches

All language course curricula were developed with the support of ETS Global and under the supervision of Macmillan Education (Great Britain) focusing on the effective development of all types of language skills (reading, speaking, writing, listening) for all levels (A1-C1) based on advanced Macmillan course books and materials from ETS Global. Our programs include the mandatory preparation for passing the most common and trusted TOEFL tests at the end of each training course and obtaining the international certificate TOEFL Primary / Junior / ITP and TOEIC. Interactive classes with peers from more than 50 countries are included in each level. The GET international schools of English are the result of children education objectively measured by international expertise and the unique experience of integrating a child into the international educational system.

The franchise includes
  • Авторизация школы как центра по приему экзаменов TOEFL*
  • Методические разработки и методическая поддержка
  • Система управления бизнесом Education ERP
  • Бизнес-технологии по открытию и управлению образовательным центром
  • Консультационные услуги и поддержка наших специалистов
  • Полный Брендбук

* TOEFL Primary, Junior, ITP

GET English global English school

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