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Why choose us?

The value of our technology, marketing materials, training methods and accumulated knowledge on running business is much higher than the cost of a one-time fee. For example, the cost of one website for end users varies from $12,000 to $30,000.

And the value of services and products that you receive is much higher than the cost of a monthly fee. Local schools cannot compete with international networks; they do not have the opportunity to invest so much in their development. As an example, the cost of producing one [marketing?] video is equivalent to our average annual fee.

Los Angeles, USA
– The franchise fee for this location is $12,000
– Recommended membership price is $240 per month for 8 training sessions, at the cost of $30 USD per session.
– Expected attendance for each training session is 30 students

Income per lesson
30 children х $30 = $900

1. The rent of a field for a 1-hour class: $75
2. Coach salary
Each coach or assistant coach can train up to 8 players. 30 players require 2 coaches and 2 assistant coaches. As an example, a coach gets paid $50 and assistant coach $35 per lesson, for a total of $170
Total expenses per training session: $245

Gross profit from one training session: $900 - $245 = $655
For 8 training sessions per month the gross profit per month is $5,240.
Average advertising expenses $15 per student х 30 students = $450.
Monthly fee of $500.
Net profit per month equals to $4,290.

At the end of the third month total net profit will equal to $12,870 which covers the initial fee of $12,000 and the school begins to produce a profit.

After reaching the break-even point for each school the profit is expected to be $4,290 per month (for one group of 30 children per 8 working hours).

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